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John Kahen, MD
Hair Transplant Specialist


Dr. John Kahen is a hair restoration expert as well as an award-winning celebrity hair transplant specialist. He has helped change the way hair restoration is performed nowadays by pioneering SmartPRP® hair restoration therapy. The elite community of cosmetic surgeons around the world respects Dr. Kahen due to this innovative hair loss treatment. His aggressiveness in pursuing the science of hair restoration advancements has made him one of the highly sought-after cosmetic surgeons in the country. That's the reason many clients from other states like Chicago, New York, and Palm Springs travel to LA for hair restoration services.


Meet the BHHR Team

Dr. Kahen is among the few hair transplant surgeons capable of performing hair loss procedures with minimal assistance. Dr. Kahen is guided by the belief that the skills and the experience of the surgeon contribute so much to desired results. The doctor hardly hires or works with non-experienced physicians, non-physicians, or physician assistants who are not qualified to do complex hair restoration procedures. Unlike other hair loss facilities that only rely on FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) machines to perform procedures that hardly produce natural results due to lack of experience, BHHR produces high-quality results due to many years of experience. Dr. Kahen solely performs most of the procedures, including FUE and SmartPRP® therapies for hair restoration. The team of physicians that works with Dr. John Kahen is highly qualified and has over 40 years of hair restoration experience. By utilizing cutting-edge visualizing microscopes, hair transplant physicians play a crucial role in our hair care facility. Besides that, they also offer high-quality control and help to prepare grafts for transplantation. Before transplanting the graft hairs, physicians count, counter-check their quality, and document them to ensure they meet the required standards.

Award Winning Results

In any hair loss treatment that involves hair transplant surgery, the outcome is critical. What puts us on top of other hair loss facilities is the efficiency shown by Dr. John Kahen and his physicians. Once our patients receive treatment, it will only take about six months for them to experience desired results. Our hair transplant results are hardly noticeable since we usually use minimally invasive techniques that don't leave visible scars when they heal. 

BHHR produces unparalleled results, and all our patients are always satisfied with a hair-filled head that hardly reveals any hair transplant procedure done. We are humbled by our impeccable results that have made it featured in popular TV news outlets like BBC, CNN, and E! Entertainment News. There is no doubt that we are the Los Angeles finest when it comes to offering the best hair loss solutions. The head surgeon and founder of BHHR, Dr. John Kahen, performs custom-oriented hair loss procedures that always meet clients' hair restoration goals. He is an industry leader in handcrafted procedures that offer natural results due to precise follicle alignment that is hardly noticeable. 

The dedication by Dr. John Kahen and his physicians that goes into treating patients with hair-related problems always produces optimal results. What we usually focus on is the patient's wellness before, during, and after any hair loss treatment. Dr.Kahen has a team of physicians who work in synchrony to ensure each patient's individual hair restoration requirements are met. The devotion offered by Dr. John Kahen guarantees patients proper feedback due to in-depth consultations.

How the Team is Involved?

Dr. Kahen is always with the physicians during the entire hair transplant process. To ensure that the procedure goes on smoothly, backroom activities are always conducted. Physicians usually abide by higher standards and perform quality control in every hair graft guided by Dr. Kahen.

Producing Hair Grafts

The most advanced microscopes are used by our physicians to conduct hair follicles observations up-close. Physicians examine each graft clearly to ensure patients get well-refined hair grafts that produce optimal growth for desired results. Our highly-trained physicians can handle over 4000 grafts equivalent to over 9000 hairs. All our physicians have the skills to trim hair grafts for optimum survival. Our physicians make each movement to ensure our patients achieve their hair restoration goals.