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Hair Transplant Consultation

The most important solution to your hair loss starts with reserving your consultation.

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Palm Desert Hair Restoration is a hub of hair restoration procedures for anyone different from a hair loss condition. Look at our textured hair transplant before and after photos.

The team that works at our Palm Desert hair restoration clinic is highly experienced and has undergone extensive training to provide the best hair restoration results in the country. Highly trained doctors work in synergy to provide the best all-natural results to all patients walking into our facility.

Textured Hair Transplant  

Hair loss in African Americans tends to be different from others because they make both men and women look older. For example, hair loss will make you look ten years older if you are thirty years old. If you are a man of African American descent suffering from hair loss, Palm Desert Hair Restoration also offers hair thinning treatment.

We usually prefer the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair restoration techniques when performing hair transplant procedures in African American men because it favors those who live shorter hairstyles. During the FUE hair transplant, our surgeon will use a punch device to extract individual hair follicles from the healthy areas of the scalp. It is recommended because it doesn’t leave a linear scar in the donor area. The conventional FUT technique is not ideal because it leaves a linear scar in the donor area, visible for those who like keeping their hair short.

PDHR is a Leader in Textured Hair Restoration

Dr. Kahen has intense knowledge and experience in restoring all types of hair, including textured hair. He does this procedure very well to produce a more natural look every time. Whether the type of hair loss conditions you are suffering from or the type of hair you have, Dr. John Kahen has a solution for everyone. We always explain to everyone what the textured hair is all about and what they need to expect during and after the procedure. This makes patients who have come to PDHR feel more relaxed, knowing that they are in good hands. The textured hair before and after photos and videos help explain more vividly.

Below are several examples of female and male African American patients who have undergone textured hair transplantation and their results.