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Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) is an advanced hair restoration technique that makes it easier to rebuild hairlines for patients who are affected by receding hairline as a form of hair loss. It is a perfect hair restoration method for patients who are suffering from androgenetic alopecia, which is an age-related ailment. To make hair transplantation more effective, Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic's finest, Dr. John Kahen, fuses it with SmartPRP® technology. When transplanting hair from one region to another, SmartPRP® is used to rejuvenate hair follicles and make them stronger. SmartPRP® also helps to strengthen original hair.

Dr. Kahen is well known for his professionalism and expertise in FUT hair restoration procedures. Since the FUT hair transplant procedure works by cutting out a strip of skin from the scalp, it is bound to leave a linear scar. However, when Dr. John Kahen performs this procedure, he employs trichophytic closure; this is usually done to reduce the linear scar depending on the patient's skin type. Only the surgeon can determine whether or not you will get the best results from a FUT hair transplant procedure. That is why you need to look for professional hair restoration procedures from Beverly Hills Hair Restoration. Once we perform the FUT technique of hair restoration, you will have your hair back and also your self-confidence.

Does FUT Hair Transplant Benefit Everyone?

The follicular unit transplantation procedure is an effective hair loss treatment that both men and women can benefit from. It is an ideal hair restoration procedure for people experiencing bald spots, age-related hair loss, and thinning hair. Even though both men and women are affected by hair loss, men are more susceptible than women. What usually leads to this is the DHT hormone and other generic factors. Hair loss conditions come in various forms. Here are some of them.

Bald spots

Bald spots



Pattern baldness

Pattern baldness

Thinning hair

Thinning hair

What is FUT Hair Transplant?

You may find that your hair has stopped growing at a certain age. This health condition is usually called hair loss. It commonly affects 85 percent of men and 40 percent of women. FUT, or if you like it – follicular unit transplantation, is a hair restoration procedure for restoring bald spots and hair loss. Hair restoration procedures were first introduced in Japan in 1939. However, since the technology was still new and not that advanced, it resulted in unnatural and unattractive looks. It wasn't until 1995 that the first natural-looking hair transplant was produced; this was made possible by transplanting individual hair follicles from one region to another. Also known as follicular units, individual hairs are extracted one by one to make it easier for surgeons to customize the final results of the Palm Desert FUT procedure. At the moment, there are only two distinctive techniques used in hair transplantation.

The FUT surgery is usually performed when the surgeon cuts out a strip of scalp skin and extracts healthy individual hair follicles. Also called graft hair harvesting, it is usually done at the back of the head. Patients who are affected by receding hairlines are perfect candidates for the FUT hair transplant procedure. Once sufficient graft hairs are harvested, the surgeon will create tiny holes in the recipient areas where the individual hair grafts will be put. Men who suffer from patterned baldness may also undergo the FUT transplant. Continue to read this article for more detailed information on how the FUT hair transplant procedure is performed.

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How does follicular
unit hair transplantation work?

FUT Process

The first thing that the surgeon will do when performing the FUT hair transplant is cut out a strip of skin from the donor area using a scalpel. The donor area is usually at the back of the head because healthy hair grows there, and the area hardly suffers from hair loss. The number of graft hair needed in the balding area determines the size of the strip.

Topically, the stripe size is not supposed to go beyond 1 to 1.5 centimeters (0.4 to 0.6 inches) wide. After extracting enough hair follicles from the strip of skin, the surgeon will prepare the recipient area and transplant the harvested graft hair. The hair transplant procedure is usually done between 4 to 8 hours. Unlike FUE surgery, which usually takes a lot of time to perform, the hair transplant FUT takes less time. The FUT hair transplant can occur while the patient is still awake because local anesthesia is used to numb the surgery area. This means that the patient won't feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. 

Prepping the harvest site

The doctor will make markings in the surgery area to guide him or her on where the incisions are supposed to be made. The guide ensures that the client's hair restoration goals are met. Cutting out the strip of skin becomes easy once the donor area is shaved. Local anesthesia is then applied to the donor area to numb it so that the patient won't feel any pain. 

Removing the strip of tissue

Dr. Kahen cuts out the strip of the skin using a scalpel. This thin strip of skin is usually cut out from the back of the head to ensure that the thinnest linear scalp is left; the doctor will suture the surgery area. 

Dissecting the implanted Grafts

Using a powerful microscope, the surgeon will closely examine the cut strips to ensure they are healthy enough to survive the transplant procedure. The microscope also makes it easier to examine the grafted hair and remove them without getting damaged. Counting them will also be easy because the doctor can easily count individual hair follicles before being implanted in the recipient area. Our highly experienced hair transplant specialists always offer patients personalized hair transplant results. They will prepare the graft hairs by dissecting them into follicular units. Follicular units are either made up of one, two, three, or four hair follicles. 

Prepping The Recipient area with SmartPRP®

After harvesting the grafted hair, they are sorted and counted to ensure enough to cover the balding spots. Inspecting them is also necessary to ensure that they will survive the procedure. Once all that is done, the doctor will prepare the donor area by injecting the scalp with PRP; this is a highly effective solution extracted from the patient's blood. Platelet-rich Plasma is a patented procedure that is exclusive to PDHR. Doctors at Palm Desert Hair Restoration clinic will ensure that the procedure is more effective by running the client's blood through a machine called Tru Dose®. The device is used to determine the amount of PRP needed before starting the procedure; this is necessary to ensure that the recipient area has the perfect environment to promote hair growth in native and implanted areas. You can count on the FUT hair transplant procedure done as PDHR because it produces unparalleled results. 

Implanting the Grafts

Dr. Kahen focuses on the technical aspect of the procedure and the artistic aspect to ensure that the results produced are always natural-looking by controlling graft hair's depth, orientation, and distribution in the recipient area. Once the recipient zone is ready to receive implantations, Dr. Kahen and his team of technicians will start implanting hair carefully, ensuring that the natural hair growth flow is achieved. 

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Some Of Our Happy Customers

Our Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert always produces the best results when performing the FUT hair restoration procedures. Patients always end up getting what they desire in the final results. All procedures are meant to meet the needs of clients. Below are reviews of what previous clients think about our hair restoration services.



Many people prefer the FUT hair restoration because it is one of the best procedures for maximizing hair density. By harvesting sufficient graft hair, the FUT procedure makes it easier for patients to get the hair thickness they look for. The FUT hair restoration is also perfect for those who want to be on the operating table in the shortest time possible. People also love the FUT method of hair transplantation because it offers a more natural look no matter who you are. If you are suffering from hair loss, you are advised to seek the FUT hair restoration procedure from BHHR. The services offered at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert will leave you amazed by how natural your looks will be. Each hair transplant procedure is combined with SMARTPRP®. The SmartPRP® solution makes the grafted hair grow faster and healthier. The linear scars left in the donor are minimal and are hardly seen.

These are some of the reasons why you may need to get the FUT hair restoration procedure:

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  • Used to cover larger balding areas
  • The cost of performing it is much lower compared to other procedures
  • A more natural look is usually the results
  • The rate of resection is usually much lower
  • The procedure is usually less invasive
  • This leads to the high hair growth rate

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of having a FUT hair transplant in Palm Desert varies due to several factors. One of them is where you want to have the procedure. Typically, the cost may range between $4,000 to $25,000. The number of graft hair needed to cover the balding area will also determine how much FUT will cost. Read more

Clients who want their scalp to have fuller hair may opt for the FUT procedure because it is very effective. It is also an ideal choice of hair restoration for those undergoing extensive hair loss in the crown areas of the scalp.


Implanted hair grafts will look exactly like native hair once transferred to the balding area. The difference is hardly noticeable. Since the hair follicles are much healthier, hair strands growing in that area will continue to grow for a lifetime. However, the best results can only be achieved if the best surgeon performs the procedure.

Unlike other hair restoration techniques, the FUT hair transplant produces a more natural look that lasts longer. It is the most successful hair loss procedure compared to other hair restoration procedures. Once transplanted, hair will still grow just like it used to in the donor area.

Since the procedure involves removing a strip of skin from the scalp, pain and discomfort are reduced by applying local anesthesia. The patient won't feel anything once the procedure is going on.

If you are seeking a way to restore denser hair in a scalp, then the FUT hair restoration surgery procedure will work just fine. Not only will this procedure give you the best results, but it will help you restore your self-confidence. The only drawback of this procedure is that it leaves a linear scar on the donor site.

At BHHR, Dr. Kahen employs plastic surgery techniques. This technique of hair restoration helps to minimize the effects of scars. The wound convergence to suture the FUT scar is an effective technique for reducing scars. Using the FUE hair transplant technique may also help to reduce scar effects in the recipient area. Individual hair follicles can be transferred into the donor zone.

For the FUT scar to fully heal, it will take about five weeks. Once this happens, the patient may go back to doing what he or she used to do.

Discomfort and pain during the FUT hair transplant are reduced using local anesthesia. It works by numbing the surgery area.

The patient's hair restoration goals and the size of the recipient area will influence the number of hair grafts needed in the procedure.

To receive the FUT hair transplant surgery, you may decide to pay with cash, bank check, credit card, or through a financing plan. You can ask Care Credit and Lending Club for financial assistance because they are accepted.

The reason why having the FUT procedure is beneficial is that the hair graft survival rate is much higher than the FUE procedure. However, it usually leaves a linear scar in the donor area.

Another benefit of FUT is that shaving the whole head is unnecessary since the doctor only needs to cut out a strip of skin from the donor area.

The patient will be very much awake throughout the FUT procedure because local anesthesia is used to numb the surgery area. This is done to reduce discomfort and pain. The two medications that a patient may be given include Valium or Xanax. These two drugs are taken overall as anti-anxiety medication.

BHHR in Palm Desert has become popular for medical tourists seeking FUT hair transplants. With a well-trained staff that delivers extraordinary care to every patient, Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert attracts clients from all over the United States, including New York, Seattle, Houston, Sacramento, Palm Springs, Dallas, Chicago, Florida, Miami, Atlanta, San Francisco, and many more. Apart from the quality of care, patients are drawn to BHHR for the convenience and affordability of the FUT procedure. Lower healthcare costs, affordable international travel, the expertise of Dr. John Kahen, and the overall technological improvements at BHHR clinics are additional factors that attract medical tourists. Many patients from North America and Western Europe choose Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert to avoid long waiting lists for treatments in their home countries.



If you decide to seek professional help to get rid of hair loss on any side of your scalp, you will be in the best hands if you choose services from Beverly Hills Hair Restoration. The capable hands of Dr. John Kahen will ensure you get the best natural-looking results, no matter which procedure you choose. He has all the skills, expertise, and experience in performing hair restoration procedures since he has been doing this for over 15 years. He also performs scar-repairing surgeries for those who need them. If you need to undergo the FUT procedure, he will produce the best natural-looking results.

The combined efforts of Dr. John Kahen and physicians contribute to the best effective results during any hair restoration technique. We are more focused on helping patients achieve their hair restoration goals. You will get the best results by going through the FUT hair transplant procedure if you are affected by a receding hairline condition. All you need to do is schedule an appointment with Dr. John Kahen by calling 760.501.0080. What will follow next is a smooth journey to your transformation!


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