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Dr. John Kahen specializes in hair restoration procedures for the transgender community in Palm Desert.

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Transgender Hair Transplant


Hair Transplant Consultation

The most important solution to your hair loss starts with reserving your consultation.

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Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is among the leading hair transplant clinic for transgenders in Palm Desert. Performing transgender hair transplants is quite challenging if done by a surgeon who has no expertise, but Dr. John Kahen has mastered these skills and is able to perform exemplary cosmetic surgery on many transsexual and transgendered clients who reside in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Long Beach, and Riverside.

What areas we can treat with

Transgender Hair Transplant?

Among the types of hair loss related to hormones is the male pattern baldness, which is easily treated with the hair transplant technique. There are two ways in which a hair transplant can be done. These two techniques include the FUT (follicular unit transplantation) and the FUE (follicular unit extraction). Some of the areas of the scalp that can be treated with this technique include:


Thinning areas of the scalp


Bald patches


Bald Spots

Receding hairlines

Receding hairlines

Hairlines with a “masculine” shape

Hairlines with a “masculine” shape

Too high hairlines

TOO high hairlines

What is transgender Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant for transgender involves shaping the hairline to look like a female hairline. It helps those who want to transition from one gender to another achieve the best looks that complement their preferred gender. Any person who wants to transition from a male to a female (MTF) can benefit from the advanced technique of hairline restructuring called the FUE hair transplant. Even those who want to reduce the size of their foreheads can also get hair transplant surgery. What seems to be a life-changing process to many who are undergoing gender transition is hair transplant surgery. Regardless of whether you are continuing your journey or thought of having this surgery, you can use this procedure to create your new identity. 

Dr. John Kahen believes the hair transplant procedure will help you change your perception of life. He has a team of experts who are highly skilled in hair treatment techniques at Palm Desert hair restoration. They combine their efforts to ensure that they come up with a treatment plan that will personalize your look like a transgender.

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Male to Female
(M2F) Hair Transplant

Many people usually want to understand what an MTF transgender hair restoration is. There is a huge difference between the male and female hairline. That is why many male to female transgender persons are seeking to have the MTF hairline transplant nowadays. Changing the hairline poses a challenge of getting the best results because the best realistic result has to be achieved. 

The main reason why an MTF transgender patient wants to have a hairline change surgery is to achieve a more realistic feminine look with thick healthy hair. Using the FUT or FUE hair transplant surgery makes it easier to get the best results from the MTF hair transplant surgery. The procedure also helps to increase hair density and lower the hairline so that the person will achieve a more feminine look. Unwanted reactions may occur after the MTF hair transplant procedure due to the level of estrogen hormones. 

The person is likely to suffer from male pattern baldness due to DHT. 

Some of the patients who want to have the MTF hair transplant may already have the male pattern baldness disorder before the surgery. Such a situation will leave that person with thin regions on the scalp and, in is the worst-case scenario, a receding hairline. Thanks to the FUE hair transplant surgery, you can get rid of the receding hairline. This will allow the person to achieve that feminine look. After the hair transplant procedure, the male pattern baldness will lead to an M-shaped hairline.

Treatment Options For

Transgender Patients At BHHR

Our FUE hair transplant is the most reliable hair restoration technique for transgender individuals experiencing advanced hair loss. This treatment ensures that all patients receive desirable hair restoration results that look very natural. 

Our FUT technique is ideal for transgender patients with advanced hair loss who require a large amount of restoration and a high graft number. Furthermore, this treatment is ideal for both men and women transgenders,who want to keep their long hair.


Palm Desert Hair Restoration is an advanced clinic that offers great results due to highly trained staff and innovative hair restoration techniques that cater to individual needs. We are hardly surprised when our clients praise our services because we have confidence in what we do. See what our prior patients have to say about us:



Benefits Of Transgender Hair Transplant

At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert, you can expect the best results when you restore your hair. This facility performs great results when it comes to FUT or FUE hair transplants. Beverly Hills Hair Restoration offers patients a chance to connect and familiarize themselves with the surgeon with a virtually consultation

However, if you are not comfortable with this type of engagement, you are under no obligation to do it. If you decide to go through it, the conversation is kept private and confidential. Patients receiving hair loss treatments at BHHR can interact with celebrity surgeon - Dr. John Kahen. What we always strive to achieve is making the patient as comfortable as possible. The consultation session of the treatment allows the doctor to check and evaluate your hair and healthy hair before choosing the best procedure that meets your needs. Every treatment option and other aspects will be discussed thoroughly. You can also direct all the questions that you have. Our team will also tell you what to expect and the cost of the procedure. Here are the benefits of the treatment procedure:

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  • One time procedure
  • No severe side effects
  • Natural-looking results
  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Natural-looking hairline
  • Permanent outcomes
  • Fast-paced recovery
  • Non-invasive treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Since the procedure needs to meet the expectations of the patients, the surgeon will ensure everything goes on smoothly to meet your hair restoration goals. The doctor will describe to the patient the anesthesia that will be used in the procedure as a numbing agent. You will also be told about what to expect from the procedure. Some patients may be forced to undergo more than one session to achieve optimal results. You can count on the expertise of Dr. John Kahen because he has been in the hair restoration industry for over 15 years. Another focus of the procedure is to create a flatter, lower, round-shaped hairline. Read more

After the procedure, the patient should avoid rinsing or styling the hair since the surgery area has not healed properly, and implanted hair may fall out. The area needs to remain dry for some time to allow it to heal properly. The bandage should not be removed for a period of two days. You should resume your normal life activities after three days. However, you can still take a few days off work until you fully recover.

Once you have had the surgery and three days have passed, you can remove the dressing and gently rinse your head. While doing this, avoid standing under the shower jet. Rather than doing that, you can use a piece of cloth to apply shampoo to the treated area. The next thing that you need to do is dry your hair gently, using a soft towel. You should also avoid heavy exercise immediately after the procedure. You need to give your body time to recover. This will also prevent bleeding. You may develop scabs during the recovery. However, this should not bother you because they will resolve within a week.

If you like, you can dye your hair once two months have passed after the hair transplant procedure.

It will take some time before reasonable or visible results show after undergoing a transgender hair transplant. Therefore, you need to keep patience. The hair follicle needs to reach the growth phase in the hair growth cycle after the resting stage. This will take about three months after the treatment. In about five months, new hair will start to grow in the implanted area. The full results of your hair will be visible after a year. Dr. John Kahen will explain to you if extra sessions are required to achieve the best results. Other patients may also require SmartPRP® for hair loss in order to get the best results. You may also require an additional procedure to hide the scar if it occurred after the hair transplant procedure. They say a picture is allure a thousand words. The same goes for hair restoration. To know whether you will get the results that you desire, ask the surgeon to show you the before and after photos of the previous transgender hair transplant procedures done. Once you see these photos, you can decide whether you want to undergo the procedure.

If you are eager to wash or rinse your hair after surgery, then you need to do is wait for a while. Wetting the surgery area too early may cause issues. You should wait for a few weeks and use little shampoo only. You can return to your normal routine once the three days are over. You should not comb or brush your newly implanted grafts until three weeks are over. Ask your doctor when it is appropriate to start wearing a hat or a pullover shirt. You should avoid vigorous exercises for at least seven days. Hair will normally fall off after some time. Therefore, this should not bother you as it is part of the recovery and the healing process. For about a month, you may not like the results, but eventually, you will love the results after 12 months.

BHHR in Palm Desert has become a top choice for medical tourists seeking Transgender Hair Transplants. Many patients from all over the United States, including major cities like Seattle, Palm Springs, Houston, and New York, are attracted to BHHR for its exceptional care, convenience, and affordability. Additionally, patients from Western Europe and North America choose BHHR to avoid long treatment waiting lists in their home countries. The lower healthcare costs, affordable international travel, expertise of Dr. John Kahen, and technological advancements at BHHR clinics are all factors that make it an attractive option for medical tourists. BHHR's well-trained staff ensures that every patient receives the highest quality of care.




Without any fear of dispute, it is safe to say that Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert is a world-class clinic. At BHHR, the latest and the most advanced hair transplant techniques are normally used. Transgender persons can also undergo the transplant procedure to complete their transition process to get rid of gender-related hair loss. Other techniques that we specialize in are SmartPRP® for hair loss and the scalp micropigmentation procedure.

Our SmartPRP® is one of the latest hair restoration inventions that revives dormant or weak hair follicles. This procedure produces more natural and outstanding results for patients who are aiming for perfection in their transformation process. What we prioritize is to see our patient's hair restoration goals met in every hair loss treatment. The needs of each patient are different. Therefore, we consider this fact and provide the best-personalized hair loss treatments. Dr. John Kahen takes pleasure in providing extensive consultation along with proper and helpful feedback from clients.To experience the best hair treatment procedure, start by scheduling an appointment with Dr. John Kahen by calling at 760.501.0080, and leave the rest to him.


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