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Hair Transplant Consultation

The most important solution to your hair loss starts with reserving your consultation.

Celebrity Hair Transplants at Palm Desert Hair Restoration

At Palm Desert Hair Restoration, we provide exemplary results for hair transplant surgery. We are the best hair restoration option for celebrities who want to transform themselves by changing their look. Our services are top shelf, and every celebrity is always given VIP treatment with outstanding hair restoration results that are meant to satisfy their requirements. Making an informed choice is critical, especially if appearance is prioritized in one's career. It is important to pick the best clinic and surgeon to perform the hair restoration procedure. The security and privacy of each client at Palm Desert Hair Restoration is a top priority. That is why all staff members working here are specifically trained to observe this. Celebrities like to keep a low profile in their personal lives, and we always honor and respect this choice.

Many of those who live iconic lives in society view Palm Desert Hair Restoration as their top choice for fulfilling their desires when it comes to appearance and looks. As much as we love to keep every procedure that we perform for celebrities and influential people private, some of them want to come out in the open to show how happy and excited they are for the positive experience and best results they had in our hair restoration clinic. We provide ease of comfort and customized experience in all the procedures we offer while honoring clients' confidentiality.

"If your hair, or lack thereof has bugged you like it’s bugged me for years, here’s your turn around."

Bobby Blotzer, Drummer of RATT

Bobby Blotzer – His Hair Restoration Experience

Bobby Blotzer is among the celebrities who had to come out in the open to express the experience he had in our hands. He is a famous musician who plays the drums for the heavy metal rock band called RATT. For years, he had been dealing with hair loss, and when he finally decided to take that leap of faith to transform himself, his friend referred him to Palm Desert Hair Restoration and Dr. John Kahen. Feeling secure in the hands of Dr. Kahen and the entire PDHR staff, Blotzer underwent two hair transplant procedures done by Dr. Kahen. Seeing how satisfying the results were, he decided to come out in the open to share his experience during and after the procedure.

"…The results are really what made it all worth it. My hairline is natural, and no one can tell that I had a hair transplant, which I think is important to many people considering a hair transplant. Dr. Kahen listens to what you want, and the entire staff is attentive. I can't thank Dr. Kahen and his staff enough for their amazing work."
RATT is touring as a band today. Blotzer is currently touring with RATT for their 2017 tour around the United States.