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Hair Transplant Consultation

The most important solution to your hair loss starts with reserving your consultation.

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Thousands of people have come to our PDHR clinic to seek hair loss treatments, and we have never disappointed them. Our team of professional medical practitioners has a vast range of experience in the hair restoration field after being there for over 40 years and still counting. Patients get a detailed explanation of what to expect before and after a hair transplant procedure.

Hair Loss Treatment For Women

Women, too, suffer from hair loss. The common form of hair loss that women suffer from includes female pattern baldness. Although baldness can weigh you down as a woman, effective hair loss treatments are available at Palm Desert hair restoration in Palm Beach to cater to all kinds of hair-related issues.

PDHR offers reliable hair loss treatment options for women who want to transform their looks with advanced hair restoration procedures. Our doctors and technicians will offer you a treatment plan that meets your hair restoration goals.

Causes of female hair loss 

The female pattern hair loss condition is among the many conditions that usually affect many women. It is typical in women with androgenic alopecia. We first try to understand the root cause of the hair loss condition before offering proper treatment.

Compared to men, women are not easily affected by pattern baldness. However, there are certain hair loss conditions that women may require treatments for. And that is where PDHR comes in. Palm Desert hair restoration has performed many hair loss treatments for women all over the globe. The results are usually headed full of healthy hair. We also offer preventive medications.

To help you make up your mind, have a closer look at our patient stories, including the results of each hair transplant treatment. Your hair, your choice!

Below we provide some results of female hair transplant before and after

Women's hair transplant before and after