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Hair Transplant Consultation

The most important solution to your hair loss starts with reserving your consultation.

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You may discover that the hair transplant procedure you had did not meet your hair restoration goals. In this case, you will need a corrective hair transplant procedure to rectify the poorly done areas. Read on for insights on how this is done by Dr. John Kahen.

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is known for its outstanding results in hair restoration treatments. The following images represent hair transplant before and after results.

Many people often come to our clinic to seek hair restoration procedures because they know how good we are. What makes us reputable are the highly-trained staff and physicians who perform advanced procedures when treating hair loss conditions. Our physicians first explain to patients seeking hair loss treatments what they should expect. This also includes before and after images.

Corrective Hair Transplant

Having a hair restoration procedure is one of the best ways to correct almost all kinds of hair loss conditions, including male and female pattern baldness. In the last ten years, there has been a significant improvement in these techniques used in hair restoration. Most of these techniques are aimed at producing a more natural look.

The results may, however, not turn out to be what was expected; this may be due to unskilled surgeons or using the wrong process to transplant graft hair. If you are a patient who has just gone through a hair transplant surgery and you are not happy with the results, you can simply demand a corrective hair restoration surgery. One that will ensure the end results look natural.

Corrective Hair Restoration Surgery at BHHR in Palm Desert

Dr. John Kahen is no stranger to hair restoration procedures. He’s been performing hair restoration procedures for over 15 years, and that is what makes him the best surgeon in the hair restoration business. Dr. Kahen can easily detect the flaws of the hair transplant and correct them with another procedure. He does this by redesigning a corrective hair transplant plan that will ensure a more natural look is produced. The corrective surgery will begin as soon as the mistakes are identified. He will perform the corrective hair transplant just like any other transplant surgery but with perfection.

These are some of the Corrective hair transplant results before and after.