Covid Safety

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Is My Safety Guaranteed If I Require Care?

Our medical clinic is presided over by one of the country's biggest, experienced hair restoration groups. We have always endeavored to give our patients clinically approved remedies using the safest methods possible. Our employees are highly qualified, and you can rely on them to serve you well, protect and make you comfortable.

We'll Take Care Of You

As we focus on doing all we can to make sure that we implement extensive safety measures, we understand that some patients will want to conduct a video visit or delay treatment. If you're such a patient, we will go on providing remote care options in the shape of consultations and virtual appointments. Please click here to book.

Arranging For Your Visit

We have made sure that you get all the services you require in a comfortable and safe environment. We made the following changes in all our locations because of the pandemic:

When You Reach Our Clinic

When you arrive at any Beverly Hills Hair Restoration facility, there is mandatory screening using a questionnaire for COVID-19 symptoms, whether you're a visitor or patient. Temperature check is part of the screening. All people (patients and staff) need to have on a face mask while in the building. We are happy to give you a level 1 surgical mask if necessary, though cloth masks are efficient.

Visitor Regulation

At this time, we do not allow patient guests, with the exception being required assistance or a parent if needed. Visitors/parents will only be allowed to go directly to their provider's floor. They are prohibited from going to any other place within the clinic.

The Medical Experts at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration have either reviewed or authored and green-lighted this content.