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As industry leaders, we are most certainly proud to be the pioneers of one of the most advanced hair restoration techniques – Platelet Rich Plasma hair restoration. We are also honored to be a part of the team that helped to the manifestation of its implementation. Platelet Rich Plasma technology works by utilizing SmartPRP®, our latest hair restoration technology. Unlike other SmartPRP® technologies for hair loss, SmartPRP® has proved to be more effective because it can generate platelets and growth factors that run into billions.

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is the only hair restoration clinic offering Tru Dos®, platelet counting technology. The technology allows doctors from BHHR to meet the patient’s hair restoration goals by giving the exact platelet rich plasma hair treatment specifications. Los Angeles is known for offering people transformation opportunities. The contribution made across the world by Los Angeles in the cosmetic surgery industry is enormous. Plastic surgery and Botox treatments have become a norm nowadays gauging by the high number of people seeking these procedures. Our advanced SmartPRP® hair restoration procedure is highly sought after by people suffering from hair loss and yearning for fuller, thicker hair.

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Platelet rich plasma hair restoration

When our doctors combine advanced SmartPRP® with hair restoration techniques, it makes it easier for them to rectify these areas:



Bald patch in beard

Bald Area



What is SmartPRP® for Hair Restoration?

Facial hair restoration

Many people have developed confidence in Platelet Rich Plasma (SmartPRP®) therapy for years, terming it the best consistent regenerative treatment that produces desirable results. SmartPRP® therapy was discovered by doctors from Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic in 2008 to be a reliable hair loss treatment. When used as a hair loss treatment, SmartPRP® utilizes the body’s platelet cells as a non-surgical procedure with several regenerative benefits. Platelets are essential to body compounds that are produced naturally in the blood. The SmartPRP® hair treatment near me works for both men and women who want to regain their lost hair with a minimally invasive hair restoration technique. BHHR is the first hair restoration facility known to have implemented SmartPRP® for hair restoration.

When done as a standalone procedure, the SmartPRP® is known to promote the growth of strong, healthy, beautiful hair.

The hair transplant procedures performed at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration are typically merged with SmartPRP®. Being our invention, it is impossible for other hair restoration clinics to replicate our outstanding SmartPRP® hair restoration results. Maximum platelet rich plasma hair treatment results are also achieved thanks to our centrifuge device and platelet counter. Patients who seek SmartPRP® treatment in Palm Desert have unique goals that are why they offer personalized SmartPRP® to satisfy their hair restoration goals.

Facial hair restoration

How does SmartPRP® therapy work?

SmartPRP® therapy work

The first time doctors started implementing platelet-rich plasma, which was about a decade ago, meant to treat sports injuries by speeding up healing. Most of these cases involve injuries that affect joints. While performing this type of treatment, technicians usually draw out the patient’s blood and put it in a centrifuge machine that spins it very fast to separate the platelet-rich plasma from other blood compounds. Once extracted, the platelet-rich plasma will be injected into the patient’s surgery or injured site. This offers many benefits, including repairing blood vessels, stimulating collagen production, and promoting cell growth and healing.

When researchers found out that high palate levels in plasma cells promoted hair growth by prolonging the growing phase of the hair cycle, we decided to try SmartPRP® hair restoration in palm spring therapy on hair loss treatment. The balding site that suffers from hair loss is usually injected with SmartPRP®. For about three months, this injection will be administered every month.

However, this is not the norm at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration. We only administered one dose of SmartPRP® injections every 8-12 months. We offer the most potent platelet rich plasma hair treatment. Therefore, there is no need to inject our patients with SmartPRP® every 1 or 3 months. The SmartPRP® hair restoration palm desert injection schedule is determined by various factors, including the treatment site's size, the patient's age, hormones, and genetics. “Most insurance providers don’t cover SmartPRP® hair loss treatment because it is regarded as a cosmetic procedure,” says Dr. John Kahen, who is the founder of BHHR. The cost will be different for every platelet rich plasma hair treatment.



Palm Desert hair restoration clinic is a professional facility that provides top notch SmartPRP® procedures, thanks to a team of well-qualified technicians and doctors. Before any hair loss treatment starts, our clients are asked to do virtual consultations with no obligations. During this virtual consultation, clients are guaranteed privacy and confidentiality. Many experts don’t vouch for this procedure because they view it as an experimental procedure. Before undergoing SmartPRP® injections, you should seek medical advice from your doctor. Some of the benefits that you stand to get once you decide to get SmartPRP® therapy include:

  • Improved moisture retention
  • Increased collagen production
  • Highly effective
  • Thicker hair
  • It does not require surgery
  • It does not leave any scars
  • Prevention of hair loss
  • Reduction of hair shedding

Frequently Asked Questions

In 2015, researchers conducted a study that saw ten people receiving SmartPRP® injections every few months. This was done for three years. At the end of those three years, many subjects witnessed a significant improvement in hair thickness, hair root strength, and an increase in hair strands. From this study, it is clear that SmartPRP® therapy is quite effective in hair loss treatment.

SmartPRP® for hair loss therapy requires dormant hair follicles that have ceased producing hair strands to work effectively. The treatment rejuvenates the weak or dormant hair follicles. If the patient is suffering from a general hair loss condition, a hair transplant needs to be done first for SmartPRP® injections to work effectively.

Since the therapy involves injections, doctors at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration (BHHR) use local anesthesia to minimize pain and discomfort during the procedure. At first, the patient will feel some pain during the SmartPRP® treatment because swelling needs to occur to trigger the healing process in the body. The pain will then reduce after some time.

Platelet rich plasma injections may not be a good hair loss treatment option for persons with medical conditions that may spread or worsen because of injections. Metastatic disease, certain skin diseases, or active infections are some of these conditions. SmartPRP® injection therapy for hair loss may also not be ideal for patients with bleeding issues.

Once you have undergone SmartPRP® for hair loss, the doctor will advise you not to ice or heat in the injection site for 72 hours. After the therapy, it is also not good to visit saunas or take very hot baths for a few days. Don’t bathe until 24 hours are over, and as a post-care precaution, you should not consume alcoholic beverages within 48 hours.

It will cost you about $2500 to $3250 to undergo a single session of SmartPRP® treatment. What causes this fluctuation of the cost compared to other clinics is the quality of our treatment since we pioneered SmartPRP® hair loss treatment technology, and our results are unmatched.

Researchers have revealed that SmartPRP® hair treatment is more effective than Minoxidil. The reason behind this is that the results produced by SmartPRP® are more responsive than those produced by Minoxidil. The treatment produced by SmartPRP® had fewer short vellus hair, yellow dots, and dystrophic hair.

SmartPRP® injection side effects are hardly there, and if they occur, they are quite a few. Some of the side effects you may experience include redness in the injection site, swelling, and bruises. An infection may occur in a few patients.

You can expect results from a SmartPRP® treatment to start showing up after 6 to 12 weeks. Some patients may start witnessing visible improvements after just one month.

You should not expect SmartPRP® therapy to give you a permanent solution to your hair loss problems. The best thing to do is consult with a BHHR doctor to know whether you are the right candidate for the therapy. knowing how it works will reveal what you should expect from the procedure.

Depending on how your body responds to the treatment, you may need to receive several injections after a few months once you start the therapy. You may need to go for one session every month to receive SmartPRP® injections for three months for the best results. With this frequency, results usually last for 18 months.



What makes Dr. John Kahen a great hair restoration surgeon who gives flawless hair loss treatment results in Los Angeles is the 15 years of accumulated experience at Palm Desert Hair restoration. He is also gifted as a scar repair surgeon who offers superb repair services. One of Dr. Kahen’s greatest achievements in the hair restoration industry was the invention of Platelet rich plasma hair restoration. You can tell that he is also a good artist from the seamless and natural results he always produces when performing hair loss treatment procedures. At Palm Desert Hair Restoration, our priority when offering hair restoration procedures is the patient’s well-being. When performing hair restoration procedures such as SmartPRP®, highly qualified surgeons and technicians work tirelessly to give excellent results. This ensures that the patient’s hair restoration goals are met. To experience the best hair treatment procedure, start by scheduling an appointment with Dr. John Kahen by calling at 1(888) 902-1084, and leave the rest to him.


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