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Hairline Lowering is a surgical procedure in which individual hair follicles are removed from the back or sides of the scalp and then transplanted to areas where hair has thinned or disappeared.

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Hairline Lowering


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The hairline-lowering procedure is ideal to correct and rectify a receding hairline. The procedure helps to reduce the forehead and correct its shape. When our skilled hair restoration surgeon plans to perform a hairline-lowering treatment, he will consider how the procedure will affect your natural facial features and God-given structure. A person may decide to opt for a hairline lowering surgery because of the following reasons:

  • Because of a high natural hairline
  • To change how the facial shape looks like
  • To Get rid of traction alopecia
  • When having a transgender transition

If the patient desires a more rounded or oval-shaped hairline, our highly skilled surgeon can perform a hairline-lowering procedure by filling the scalp's upper temporal/side regions. Advancing the Hairline forward by performing a lowering hairline transplant, our doctor will reduce the size of the patient's forehead. At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Clinic in Palm Desert, two advanced hair restoration techniques are usually used when lowering the Hairline – Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Graft hairs harvested from the donor area are implanted to mimic the original hair's natural flow.

Who may benefit from a

Hairline lowering Procedure?

BHHR uses the SmartGraft technology, which is more advanced, to adjust the following areas of the scalp:

High hairline

High hairline

Traction Alopecia

Traction Alopecia

Bald Area

Bald Area

Forehead Reduction

Forehead Reduction

Hair Grafting

Hair Grafting

What is Hairline
lowering surgery?

Hairline lowering surgery is a hair restoration technique recommended for clients with overly high hairlines that makes their foreheads look big and weird. If you feel like your Hairline is way above your forehead, the best hair restoration procedure you need is Hairline lowering procedure. This treatment will transform your symmetrical facial balance. Therefore, read along to learn more about Hairline lowering surgery.

The lower hairline hair transplant surgery can be performed on males and females with high Hairlines. When Dr. John Kahen completes a Hairline lowering hair transplant treatment, he carefully studies the patient's facial structure to understand how the facial features look. This makes it easier for him to attain the best natural-looking results. Dr. Kahen has performed numerous hair restoration procedures and has enough experience to help clients change their perceptions about life by transforming their looks. Being the founder of Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic, he only works with highly trained and qualified physicians. This allows the facility to establish treatment plans that ensure patients attain their hair restoration goals.

Dr. Kahen's artistry in hair restoration has created the first human Elf!

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How does Hairline
lowering surgery work?

Textured Hair Restoration Surgeries Work

Hairline lowering is also called hairline advancement and is a highly effective procedure to make the forehead look small. Since most of the people who experience high hairlines lose hair along the forehead, the most helpful way to deal with a receding hairline is to transplant hair. In a Hairline lowering procedure, surgeon usually uses the FUT or FUE hair transplant procedures to remove several strands of healthy hair from the donor region. They then take these hair grafts and implant them in the areas of the scalp that are experiencing balding. Receding hairlines occur due to various reasons:

  • Genetics
  • Poor hairstyles that pull hair strands from the scalp
  • Particular diseases or medication
  • Unhealthy lifestyles
  • Irreversible damage that is brought about by constant tension

No matter the root cause of your hair loss, it should be clear that women and men of all races and ages can experience receding hairlines. You don't need to hide your receding Hairline with a hat or a wig. All you must do is head to Beverly Hills Hair Restoration clinic to undergo the most effective and reliable Hairline lowering Procedure. Although it is a simple procedure that will take a couple of hours, the results will be natural-looking and permanent. 

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Hairline lowering Procedure

Having a naturally high hairline makes your forehead look large, and this may cause self-doubt and lack of confidence. An eligible patient who can benefit from a Hairline lowering surgery is one who:

  • His experiencing hair loss at the front Hairline
  • Is ready to face the knife to attain facial beauty
  • Has a flexible scalp
  • Had a stable front hairline

To decide whether you are the most suitable candidate for a Hairline lowering surgery, you need to seek medical advice from a BHHR surgeon - Dr. John Kahen, by scheduling an appointment. Once evaluated, you will be told whether you qualify for the hairline lowering procedure.

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Smartgraft Procedure


Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert is an outstanding hair restoration facility that provides advanced hair loss treatments for all your hair transformation goals. The highly experienced doctor and physicians work passionately to ensure clients leave our premises satisfied. We are never surprised when our customers compliment our services because we are confident of the results. Have a glance at some of the reviews mentioned by our clients below:



Women who want to restructure their hairlines by moving them further down their foreheads can benefit more from our hairline lowering procedure. Most of the patients who require hairline lowering aim to reduce their protruding foreheads. The procedure is also used to restore the facial features and enhance the overall appearance of the face. You are sure to get desirable results thanks to how easy and fast it is and how quickly it is for a person to recover. Hairline lowering may be combined with a brow lift procedure to give the patient a natural custom look. It can also be used to remove wrinkles on the forehead, making it smooth. The hairline lowering surgery is usually done as an outpatient procedure because the recovery period is pretty short. The doctor may ask the patient to stay overnight in the clinic in order to recuperate quicker. To allow all stages of healing to take effect, surgeons often ask hairline-lowering patients to take a week off work. But sometimes, it will only take two days for the patient to return to his or her normal routine.

The reason why many patients ask for the hairline lowering procedure is that it is much more superior and more advanced than the traditional strip technique. The procedure also offers numerous benefits to patients. These are some of the benefits patients get from a hairline lowering procedure:

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  • Produces a more natural look 
  • Outpatient procedure 
  • Concealed scar
  • Can work on any type of scalp 
  • Quick recovery 
  • Helps to improve appearance

Frequently Asked Questions

A large forehead's attractiveness determines a person's facial symmetry. Most women, compared to men, may look attractive with a large forehead. Some cultures considered big foreheads as a sign of beauty. Women who did not have large natural foreheads had to plunk out a few hair strands to make the forehead look larger.

Also referred to as having a tall head, larger foreheads may be related to genetics. It may also be an individual facial feature.

Seeking professional Hairline lowering cosmetic services from reputable hair restoration services such as Beverly Hills Hair Restoration will guarantee you safely done procedures. That means that the safety of any hairline lowering surgery relies on the experience and expertise of the surgeon and physicians. It is a risk-free procedure that hardly leads to any complications. Pain and distress during the treatment are decreased by local anesthesia.

To ensure that the skin is not overstretched during a Hairline lowering surgery, the doctor at BHHR will evaluate your skin to gauge the length of skin that needs to be lowered or advanced. Read more

BHHR in Palm Desert has become popular for medical tourists seeking Hair Lowering Transplants. Many patients from all over the United States, including major cities like Seattle, Palm Springs, Houston, and New York, are drawn to BHHR in Palm Desert for its exceptional care, convenience, and affordability. In addition, patients from Western Europe and North America choose BHHR in Palm Desert to avoid long waiting lists for treatments in their home countries. The lower healthcare costs, affordable international travel, expertise of Dr. John Kahen, and technological advancements at BHHR clinics are all factors that make it an attractive option for medical tourists. BHHR's well-trained staff ensures that every patient receives a good quality of care, making it a top choice for those seeking hair lowering transplants.




Dr. John Kahen has been in the front line inventing and performing advanced hair restoration procedures for over 15 years now and has the expertise needed to produce the best results. Besides being the senior aesthetic surgeon at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, he performs scar repairing surgeries. He does them to perfection, and each clients are always satisfied.

Dr. Kahen has mastered the art and science of hair restoration. His brilliance led him to develop the hairline lowering procedures that may be done using the FUT or the FUE hair transplant technique. You can rest assured that you are in the right hands when Dr. John Kahen performs a hair restoration procedure. Patients' hair restoration needs are always prioritized before, during, and after the Procedure.

Procedures such as hair lowering surgery requires a doctor who considers the needs of the patients before performing the Procedure. Scheduling an appointment makes it easier for the doctor to evaluate and suggest proper hair loss treatment. You can do that by calling 760.501.0080. After that, you are guaranteed a superb transformation that will turn people's heads!


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