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The most important solution to your hair loss starts with reserving your consultation.

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Hair transplant procedures have come a long way since their inception, allowing patients to take advantage of more affordable options while still receiving the same or even better results. In the past, clinics often charged $15 per graft, even though they only performed a few hundred grafts and achieved modest density and fullness.

Today, the cost of hair transplant in Palm Desert is significantly lower because of specialized clinic’s ability to produce large sessions of follicular units at reduced hair transplant costs. Many hair loss medications and procedures claim to stimulate hair growth or increase hair volume. Interestingly, even though they all boast about being the best, not all of them can be trusted.

However, methods such as the Smart Fue Hair Restoration Technique have been shown to work effectively and consistently in hair transplants. Looking at the big picture, the cost of hair restoration surgery can be higher than that of a hair system or hair loss medication.

Consider the hair transplant cost and the best hair transplant doctors in USA, before committing to the hair loss treatment. Several variables, such as time spent in treatment and aftercare, affect the final cost, making it impossible to set a specific price tag.

To keep our stellar reputation as the best Los Angeles hair transplant clinic, we only perform one hair transplant procedure per day. This gives the surgical team ample time to complete the procedure to the highest possible standard and at the most reasonable prices.


What you can expect to pay for a hair transplant in Palm Desert will be based on:

  • Transplantable area size
  • Hair loss severity
  • The fullness you are aiming for
  • The period you want to accomplish your ultimate aim

Some patients would prefer to have multiple grafts transplanted at once. While this may seem the most cost-effective option, some people prefer to take things slowly and perform several minor procedures. You can get a hair transplant at our office for as little as $4 per graft, and we guarantee you will not find a better deal anywhere else in Palm Desert or beyond.

Following the initial consultation, we usually prepare a detailed individual estimate for the hair treatment cost. And you will be relieved to learn that hair transplant Palm Desert costs are not prohibitive despite the highly skilled complexity of the procedure.



  • Ensure that you are billed for each successful graft in a hair transplant. You also want the hair to be positioned well so it will grow in the way that looks best on you.
  • Grafts are a precious and irreplaceable resource. Thus, losing them due to carelessness or incompetence would mean losing that tissue permanently. We do not split follicular graft units into mini-grafts (graft splitting) and up the price at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert.
  • Given these realities, it is no surprise that many people pay much more to so-called discount hair clinics for each hair that grows.

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Surgery Cost:


Cost is a significant factor in many treatments, and BHHR in Palm Desert is aware of this. We recommend that you consult with us before you get started with hair restoration procedures.

Our clients, not we, have testified that our hair restoration prices are significantly lower than the market average.

Dr. John Kahen has perfected the science and art of hair restoration. Personally, he performs all hair transplant procedures, including FUE, FUT, SMARTPRP®, SMP, and hairline lowering, without necessarily adhering to strict timetables.

Take care of yourself, fix your hair, change your appearance, and feel confident again by calling BHHR, where we hold even the most minor operations meticulously.



Our staff uses only the most current and powerful microscopes and operating lenses to separate the grafts and preserve the follicles, resulting in the full growth of the most natural appearing hair. This makes Dr. Kahen's results so natural, with powerful microscopes to dissect the follicles.

We charge per graft and not per hair. It is impossible to count the transplanted hairs but possible to count them. You will end up paying more if you pay per hair.

Strip Procedure Cost per Session: $4-$8 per graft based on quantity
Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): $8-$10 per graft

*Discounts apply for placement on our standby program. Permission to use your images and videos *Non-refundable deposit is required to schedule the procedure. *All follow-up visits after the procedure are complimentary. No hidden fees!*Discounts apply for placement on our standby program.


On average, it takes about a year for a quality custom hair replacement system to depreciate to the point where it must be replaced and costs $1,200. Furthermore, a hair replacement system necessitates routine maintenance and reattachment every five to six weeks at about $75 per visit or $675 per year.

Therefore, the total cost of purchasing and maintaining a high-quality hair replacement system over 15 years can be approximately $28,125. We arrived at this sum by: $1,200 + $675 (in annual upkeep) = $1,875 x 15 years = $28,125.

$1,200 + $675 (in annual upkeep) = $1,875 x 15 years = $28,125

Note that this sum might be considerably higher than the typical cost of hair restoration surgery.


The upfront cost is understandably high, considering the long-term benefits, increased confidence, and improved self-esteem resulting from having a hair transplant. However, financing plans can help you spread out the cost of a hair transplant over time. So, you do not have to worry about the total amount even if you are considering 8000 grafts hair transplant. That is why it is so important to shop around before committing to a hair restoration clinic. Like if you want to manage a 5000 grafts hair transplant cost, many of them offer flexible financing packages for anyone interested in getting this treatment.

Some famous people who have gotten hair transplants can attest to the procedure's effectiveness. Finding affordable medical care is as simple as looking for the best hair transplant doctors in USA, choosing the clinic, and asking about discounts. That is why clients from all around the world travel to LA for our hair transplant services. We have many clients coming from Palm Springs, Chicago, New York, etc



Getting a hair transplant is a long-term commitment, and we at BHHR Palm Desert Clinic understand that. Since medical plans do not typically cover hair transplants, we stress the dangers and costs of the procedure. And that is why we require a deposit of $1,000 when arranging this treatment process. The remaining balance is due no later than 14 days before the scheduled procedure date.

Want to fund your hair loss treatment? Learn about CareCredit and LendingClub!


If you want to know more about our hair transplant payment plans, please contact us.


Choosing a hair transplant surgeon and franchise center to treat hair loss may be the most important decision you make because it affects the success of the treatment and the cost. A fantastic duo, Dr. Kahen and BHHR Palm Desert Clinic, will ensure that your hair loss treatment journey goes smoothly.

DR. Kahen’s individual physician's skills and expertise are top-notch, and BHHR provides an ample hair treatment environment.

Simply making a phone call or sending an email can put you on the path toward the most transformative experience of your life.

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