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Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is ranked as one of California's best hair restoration clinics. Among its hair restoration treatments comes from a fusion of SMART FUE and the SmartPRP® technology invented by Dr. John Kahen of BHHR. This combination is included in every hair restoration treatment offered in our facility. Once these procedures are applied, the results will be a scalp full of healthier hair. When performing fue procedure, Platelet Rich Plasma (SmartPRP®) is injected into the scalp to enhance growth and boost the therapy survival rate of hair follicles. Dr. John Kahen, the founder of Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, invented this patented technology to help patients restore their hair.

Targeted Areas

Of Fue Hair Transplant

At our BHHR clinic in Palm Desert, Dr. John Kahen corrects the following areas of the scalp using the Follicular Unit Extraction FUE:

Hair line





Beard (Facial Area)



What is a Smart Fue Hair Transplant?

SMART FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is performed by Dr. John Kahen as an advanced hair restoration technique. The procedure is one of the best hair treatments that doesn't leave a linear scar, and no scalpels are used. The fusion between Dr. Kahen's SmartPRP®, SMART FUE, and other hair transplant procedures increases graft hair's survival rate and promotes growth. Dr. John Kahen does most hair restoration procedures, including the follicular unit extraction FUE. His artistry and talent in hair restoration science allow him to offer outstanding Fue hair restoration results in every procedure he performs. Acquiring such superior efficiency makes Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert stand out above other clinics that offer the same services in California. We are not only focused on restoring your hair but also your confidence. The FUE hair transplant takes active hair follicles from the back of the head and implants them in areas where dormant hair follicles have refused to grow. The blood vessels will start nourishing the newly implanted graft hairs once the hair transplant procedure ends. The area, which was suffering from hair loss, will now start experiencing thick and fuller hair growth.

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How does Smart FUE hair transplant work?

Smart FUE hair transplant work

In the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant procedure, the surgeon aims to extract follicular units (groups of 1 to 4 naturally growing hair strands). The graft hairs are then transferred to areas of the scalp undergoing hair loss. The extraction of these follicular units is done using a punch-like device that is less than 1mm in diameter. Hair that grows at the back of the head is usually resistant to hair loss, which is why surgeons harvest graft hair from this area. The surgeon needs to count the hair strands to ensure that they are enough to cover the recipient area. Once hair harvesting ends, the surgeon will start preparing the receiving area of the scalp. When transferring graft hairs to the recipient area, the surgeon uses a powerful stereo microscope in the hair implantation process. Extreme caution is taken in implanting hair follicles in the recipient site to ensure they are placed at the correct angle so that it mimics the flow of the original hair; this allows the surgeon to achieve a more natural look. Tiny scars may occur once the donor area fully heals, but they won't be as visible as in the follicular unit transplantation (FUT) procedure. Smart follicular unit extraction also doesn't require stitches.

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Methods of
FUE hair restoration

The only issue with the FUE hair transplant procedure is that it usually takes a lot of time to perform transplant since removing graft hair happens one by one. The surgeon also needs to be extra careful to avoid damage while harvesting. While performing the fue hair transplant los angeles, graft hair harvesting may take the whole day. Since the surgeon can choose where to harvest graft hair and where to implant it, the procedure offers a lot of flexibility. It is also a great procedure because the doctor can determine the depth and angle of each hair transplant. The Smart FUE hair transplant procedure may seem simple, but it requires a surgeon with years of experience and excellent skills to perform if you want to achieve a more natural look. Several ways are available to perform the fue surgery. This means that you need to choose the best FUE hair transplant near me that will ensure your hair restoration goals are achieved.

Motorized Follicular Unit Extraction

The motorized follicular unit extraction FUE uses a motorized punch to extract graft hair from the donor area. The hard part of this procedure is harvesting follicular units from the scalp. Extra care is needed to ensure that the extraction process doesn't go sideways. The punch may damage the grafted hair if it refuses to enclose the follicle fully. Dr. John Kahen has fully mastered the art and the science of the Smart FUE hair transplant procedure. He teaches other surgeons across the globe who want to become experts in the hair restoration industry.

SmartGraft Hair Restoration

SmartGraft is one of the latest and most advanced techniques in hair restoration. The technique works the same way as the hair transplant FUE, but it is semi-automated. During the procedure, the surgeon will use a motorized FUE punch to extract graft hairs with suction.

FUE hair transplant Procedure

fue transplant Procedure

As mentioned earlier, an FUE type of hair transplantation harvests hair differently from the FUT procedure. However, the implantation procedure is still the same in both techniques. The process does not require sutures and fworks by removing hair from the back of the head. Numbing the donor area with anesthesia is necessary in order to relieve pain and discomfort. Just before the hair transplant begins, the surgeon will start by trimming the donor area at the back of the head to 1–2 mm in length. The doctor will then ask the patient to lie down in a prone position. The doctor will apply local anesthesia. The numbing agent is made up of Xylocaine, 1% diluted with saline. Using special micro-punches of about 0.8 and 1 mm, the doctor will gently start extracting the grafted hair from the donor area of the scalp. The process happens under a 2.5 – 5× magnification microscope. The Smart FUE hair transplant process is a less invasive technique since no scalpels or incisions are necessary. This is the best fue hair transplant Los Angeles for hair loss patients who want to increase their hair density. These are the major steps followed in the procedure:

fue transplant Procedure

Prepping the donor site

The surgeon will draw some markings on the recipient site, which are supposed to guide home when implanting graft hairs during the hair transplant surgery FUE procedure. The procedure has to be strategically mapped to ensure that the perfect results are achieved. Typically, the doctor will have to shave the donor area into a high-fade haircut before harvesting hair grafts. Numbing the donor area is what follows to reduce pain and discomfort.

Extracting the follicles

Performing graft hair removal is a critical process in an FUE hair transplant procedure. Therefore, the surgeon needs to have the expertise to do it with great precision. Dr. John Kahen has over 15 years of experience performing this procedure on his own. While collecting graft hairs from the donor area, Dr. Kahen uses a minuscule excision of 1mm or less in size. This procedure allows the doctor to craft and customize the hairstyle according to the client's needs. Once the surgery area heals, there will be small scars that are hardly noticeable. The doctor needs to ensure that the harvested hair follicles are enough to cover the recipient area. Graft hair extraction from the donor area takes about 2 to 4 hours, based on the size of the receiving site.

Prepping the area with SMARTPRP®

Once the surgeon has removed enough hair follicles to cover the recipient area, he will move to the recipient site to prepare it. The harvested grafts will need to be counted and inspected to see if they meet the quality standards. SmartPRP® – platelet-rich plasma – is used to prepare this area. BHHR ensures the best results are produced by determining the amount of SmartPRP® required in the procedure; this is done with a device called Tru DoseA®. The implanted graft hairs have a high chance of survival and thriving due to their perfect environment. Platelet-rich plasma is our patented hair restoration technology that has revolutionized the way hair restoration is done. We pride ourselves on this technology, which sets us apart from the refst.

Prepping and implanting the grafts

Our physicians are also skilled and have enough experience to help implant harvested grafts. During this process, they count and examine the hair follicles using a powerful microscope. A dose of local anesthesia is applied at both the donor and the recipient sites. After that, Dr. Kahen uses his artistry and talent to prepare the recipient area. He controls the orientation with his artistic mind to ensure precision is met. Since this process will determine how the hair will grow, the surgeon must ensure that the graft hairs are placed at the correct angle and flow. This helps to achieve a natural look. Once the recipient area is ready, our physicians will start placing the harvested hair grafts.

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fut Procedure


Our Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert always produces the best results when performing the FUE hair restoration procedures. Patients always end up getting what they desire in the final results. All procedures are meant to meet the needs of clients. Below are reviews of what previous clients think about our hair restoration services.



The best results in hair restoration are always provided by seeking the FUE hair transplant procedure. It is ideal for those who want to increase hair density and grow strong hair. 

If you want to get the best FUE hair restoration Los Angeles, you just need to reach us. Clients are given the privilege of consulting virtually. However, you are not obliged to do anything; the conversation is kept private and confidential. The hair transplant utilizes the FUE procedure, where the removal of hair follicles is done by extracting individual hair follicles; this hardly leaves any visible scars. If you are still not convinced that the FUE hair transplant is the best technique for hair restoration, here are six benefits that will make you change your mind. 

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  • In-office procedure
  • Fuller, thicker hair
  • Boosted confidence
  • Little (or no!) scarring
  • Faster recovery
  • Less pain, more gain

Frequently Asked Questions

Patients who seek the FUE procedure from hair restoration experts will always get the best results. The survival rate of graft hair is 95%. However, with our patented SmartPRP Smart FUE Technology, the success rate can reach 100%. Other factors that usually influence the success rate of the FUE hair transplant procedure include the doctor's skills, experience, facility, and knowledge of the FUE hair transplant procedure.

You can always expect more natural results from the FUE hair transplant procedure, provided it is performed by a professional surgeon with years of experience, such as Dr. John Kahen. This procedure allows doctors to customize your look, making it the best procedure in the industry today. Once the procedure ends, it will be hard to tell whether you suffered from hair loss.

Among the many reasons why many people prefer the FUE hair transplant procedure is because it doesn't cause any pain or discomfort during the procedure. The patient may feel some discomfort but not long since the doctor will apply local anesthesia.

It is completely okay for the implanted hair to fall out within three months after the procedure. However, not all of them will fall out. This happens due to shock loss or fall or resting phase. Shock loss will result in all the implanted hair falling out.

The surgery area is usually covered with a bandage once the doctor finishes doing the FUE hair transplant procedure. The bandage needs to stay for at least 24 hours. For at least seven days after the FUE hair transplant procedure, you need to avoid touching your hair. Once three days are over, you can begin washing your hair.

Harvesting graft hair from the donor area while using the FUE procedure requires more expertise and skills. It also takes more time since hair follicles are harvested individually. That is why FUE hair transplant cost is higher than FUT hair transplant.

The Follicular Unit Extraction FUE procedure provides a permanent solution to those who are suffering from hair loss because the dormant hair follicles that don't produce hair will be replaced by active hair follicles that will continue growing hair for a lifetime.

Unlike other methods of hair restoration, which do not allow customization, the FUE hair transplant procedure is the best because it gives the doctor flexibility to customize the results based on the patient's restoration goals.

The area that received the donor's hair will continue growing hair once the procedure is successfully done. The new hair follicles are active, and they will keep on producing hair for a long time. You can count on the FUT and the FUE hair transplant procedures to produce permanent results if done properly.

What makes us deliver extraordinary care to every patient that walk into our clinic is a well-trained staff with a wealth of experience. It is also the reason why most medical tourists choose BHHR hair transplant clinic in Palm Desert as a go-to destination for all their hair restoration needs. We serve clients from various states, including New York, Seattle, Dallas, San Francisco, Palm Springs Chicago, Miami, Texas, and many more. Besides the quality of the services that we offer, our clinic is also known for its convenience and affordable cosmetic procedures. Another reason why clients from North America and Western Europe choose to seek hair restoration services from Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Clinic in Palm Desert instead of their regions is to avoid the long waiting list for procedures. Other factors that make BHHR Palm Desert an attraction for medical tourists include:
•    Travel cost is low internationally
•    The cost of healthcare is lower
•    The expertise and experience of Dr. John Kahen
•    Latest and cutting-edge technologies used at BHHR clinic



If you decide to seek professional help to get rid of hair loss on any side of your scalp, you will be in the best hands if you choose services from Beverly Hills Hair Restoration. The capable hands of Dr. John Kahen will ensure you get the best natural-looking results, no matter which procedure you choose. He has all the skills, expertise, and experience performing fue follicular unit extraction since he has been doing this for over 15 years. He also performs scar-repairing surgeries for those who need them. If you need to undergo the FUE procedure, he will produce the best natural-looking results.

You will always get the best experience when you opt for the FUE hair transplant procedure from BHHR. The physicians in this la fue hair clinic are highly trained and give patients the best experience throughout any hair restoration procedure. The combined efforts of Dr. John Kahen and physicians contribute to the best effective results during any hair restoration technique. We are more focused on helping patients achieve their hair restoration goals. All you need to do is schedule an appointment with Dr. John Kahen by calling at 760.501.0080. What will follow next is a smooth journey to your transformation!


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