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Posted on : August 18, 2022 | Category : Eyebrow Transplant | Author: John Kahen

If you have eyebrow issues, does it mean all is lost? Are you going to spend the rest of your life hiding your condition by drawing on your eyebrows to look beautiful? The best and the most reliable option to get rid of eyebrow hair loss is to get an eyebrow hair transplant. It is a credible procedure that can be relied on by anyone with eyebrow issues. Is the question – is it worth the hype? 

The hair restoration technique used to treat people with eyebrow loss is called eyebrow restoration treatment. Eyebrows help us show facial expressions and enhance our facial beauty and general appearance. Eyebrow restoration treatment is steadily becoming the most sought-after procedure at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Clinic in Palm Desert. Those seeking this procedure are men and women who want to increase the volume of their eyebrows or restructure them. 

This comprehensive guide will help you understand better what an eyebrow transplant is so that you make an informed decision when you want to treat your brow hair loss condition. To get better knowledge about this procedure, continue reading this post.

What Are Eyebrow Transplants?

Eyebrow transplant procedures produce permanent results when getting rid of eyebrow loss. The eyebrow restoration treatment works by extracting healthy hair follicles from hair loss-resistant areas. This area is normally at the back of the head. Once healthy hair is removed from the donor area, it is implanted in the brow area. The eyebrow restoration procedure utilizes two distinctive hair transplant techniques. These techniques include:

  • FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction: This type of eyebrow restoration treatment involves taking out individual hair follicles (harvesting) using either a power punch, manual punch, or robotic punch technique. Some of the benefits you will get from an eyebrow transplant procedure include ease of recovery and lack of a linear scar after the procedure. 
  • FUT – Follicular Unit Transplant: In this type of eyebrow transplant technique, our doctor uses a strip of skin extracted from the donor to extract healthy hair follicles. After the dissection of follicular units, the grafted hair is transferred to the brow area. This is done to improve the eyebrows' shape or increase their volume. One benefit of this kind of eyebrow restoration treatment is that it is much faster than the FUE eyebrow transplant technique. It is also ideal for harvesting longer hair. This ensures the implantation process is perfectly done since long hair helps our doctor see hair curls. 

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Eyebrow Transplant Benefits

The eyebrow hair transplant procedure offers several benefits. One of them is permanence. Once you have undergone an eyebrow restoration treatment, they will keep growing for the rest of your life. Sparse or patchy eyebrows will never bother you again. Eyebrow transplant is far much better than tinting, makeup, or microblading. 

Thick Eyebrows: The eyebrow transplant procedure offers you a chance to increase your eyebrows' volume from hair loss due to various factors. 

Increased Self-Confidence: It makes you as confident as growing your natural eyebrows. The reason is that an eyebrow transplant procedure offers angular, thick, and natural-looking eyebrows.

Enhanced Appearance: With an eyebrow hair transplant Palm Desert, you will achieve a desirable, appealing, and beautiful look. 

A permanent solution: An eyebrow transplant is often done once and continues growing permanently. 

Hide scars and burn marks: Besides offering you beautiful and appealing eyebrows, you can also use this procedure to hide burn marks and scars from injuries.

Enhancement in overall shape and length: The eyebrow transplant procedure also helps patients enhance their eyebrows' overall length and shape. This also includes density.

Extremely natural-looking results: Once you've heard about the eyebrow transplant procedure, the outcome will be good hair density that is extremely natural 

How long does an eyebrow transplant last?

Once you have undergone the eyebrow transplant procedure in our Palm Desert Clinic, your hair will continue growing forever. This means that you won't need any follow-up or maintenance treatment. A successful eyebrow transplant means that you will treat your new hair follicles just like the original brow hair by trimming them once a year. That is if they grow at the same rate. Some people use gel to make eyebrow hair lie flat in the brow area. This process occurs naturally since it's part of the hair growth cycle. However, this type of shedding will not bring any noticeable change. To get a clear picture of how your eyebrows will look after the procedure, you can check out eyebrow transplant before and after images at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert. 

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Is an eyebrow transplant worth the money?

Getting an eyebrow hair transplant procedure is quite worth it because it offers a permanent solution to eyebrow hair loss. This means you don't need to worry about the cost of follow-up or maintenance treatment once you have had it. You can get desirable results with the best treatment from Dr. John Kahen, he is with years of experience in the hair restoration industry. 

He will also explain what to expect after the procedure and what you need to do to heal faster. He will evaluate your overall health and skin to know whether you are the right candidate for the eyebrow transplant procedure. Patients with conditions such as obsessive-compulsive disorder trichotillomania, alopecia areata, or autoimmune condition may not be good candidates for this procedure. 


The best way to get the desired eyebrow results is to opt for an eyebrow hair transplant procedure that allows you to restore your eyebrows permanently. The result of an eyebrow transplant procedure may also vary depending on the clinic and the doctor performing the procedure. Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert is dedicated to providing the highest quality hair restoration services to clients from Palm Desert and surrounding areas such as Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, and La Quinta. Before settling for any eyebrow restoration procedure, you must consult a hair transplant specialist, Dr. John Kahen, from Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert. 

For any questions regarding our scalp micropigmentation procedure, you can contact us at 760.501.0080 or Schedule an Appointment.

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