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Although it seems like an unorthodox method of hair restoration, scalp tattoos are quite effective. The scalp micropigmentation procedure is an intricate technique of hair restoration. There are over 100,000 hair strands or follicles on a person’s scalp. Therefore, implanting pigments into the scalp requires the services of a highly skilled hair restoration doctor. About 1,250 of the pigments have to be implanted by hands. What usually determines scalp micropigmentation cost in Palm Desert is the client’s needs after the procedure. There are several factors that can determine the exact cost of undergoing the SMP, which may be high or low. 

What is SMP?

The scalp micropigmentation procedure is more than just a tattoo. It helps to treat hair loss without performing any kind of surgery. In order to achieve a more natural look, pigments need to be applied within the dermal layer of the scalp. Getting a scalp micropigmentation procedure offers the best cosmetic technique because it enhances the eyes, eyebrows, lips, and other features of the body. The effects of the SMP procedure last for years, and it also helps the patient to regain confidence once more. 
Technology has improved tremendously, and this has led to using advanced hair restoration methods that work much better for both men and women. If you find yourself facing hail loss, the scalp micropigmentation procedure offers the best method of hair restoration technique to treat hair loss conditions. Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert is a state-of-the-art facility that utilises a technology known as tricopigmentation. This type of hair restoration technique mimics the appearance of natural hair. 

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Factors that Affect the Cost of Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure

The scalp micropigmentation cost in Palm Desert is normally affected by various factors. These factors include the skin type, the size of the treatment area, how dense the original hair skin is, and if your scalp has scars. 

Treatment Area

Among the main factors that affect the SMP price is the cumulative size of the treatment area. Other factors include the extent of hair loss and the size of the head. The SMP procedure will cost less if you decide to seek hair restoration treatments in the early stages of hair loss. 

Skin Type

Many of the patients who prefer to have the SMP procedure often have normal skin types. However, there are also other patients with abnormal skin types that may need extra attention. The cost of scalp micropigmentation may also be affected by the method that our doctor intends to use to administer the treatment. If you are wondering which skin types are these, below are examples:

  • Very dry and flaky skin types 

These skin types often require a lot of time to perform the scalp micropigmentation procedure. This includes skin types with high sensitivity, skin types with severe acne, and older skin. 

  • Very thick skin types

If you happen to have thick skin and you need to undergo the scalp micropigmentation procedure, you will spend more time in the doctor’s chair. Procedure needles may not penetrate the scalp easily if the skin is thick. It will take more time if the skin is thicker than usual. If the skin is thin, little pressure is required to push the procedure needle through. The client would have to inform our doctor if he or she had a hair transplant procedure previously or if desirable scalp micropigmentation results have to be achieved.


Scars also affect the cost of having a scalp micropigmentation because scalps with scars take longer to perform the procedure. Areas of the scalp that have scars will no longer grow hair. Therefore an SMP procedure will be the only hair restoration option. The SMP hair restoration procedure does not grow real hair but gives an illusion of dense hair. Lighter skin types will need the normal scalp micropigmentation with specialised techniques to ensure that it produces the best results in the end.
More pronounced scars will have to be dealt with first before performing the SMP procedure. Camouflage ink will be used by the doctor first as a pre-treatment. The camouflage ink will fade the skin by blending the discolouring into the skin first. The doctor will then continue with the normal scalp micropigmentation procedure in order to achieve the best results. Doing this will give a more natural result, as if the scar was never there, to begin with. However, you need to know about scalp micropigmentation cost in Palm Desert before opting for this procedure. 

Hair Density And Style

Different people have different hair densities. The scalp may seem to have full hair, but the density often varies according to the individual. For instance, a blonde will have about 150,000 hair strands. Redheads often have about 90,000 hair strands on their scalps. Before undertaking the SMP procedure, our doctor will first consider the fulness and the density of hair.
There are patients who are not satisfied with how hair is distributed in their scalps. If this is the case, an SMP procedure may be necessary to improve the hair density by making it look fuller. If this happens, it will affect the overall scalp micropigmentation cost. The patient’s hair restoration goals may also affect the way the doctor is going to perform the SMP procedure of hair restoration. It may also affect the time it will take to perform the procedure. The “wet shave” hairstyle, for example, is the light version of the SMP procedure. The scalp micropigmentation cost will go up if the doctor is going to use the classic fade, which requires more density. This style often takes more time to perform.

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What Does The Cost Of Scalp Micropigmentation Include?

How much does scalp micropigmentation cost in Palm Desert? You need to understand how much our clinic will charge you to have an SMP procedure before making arrangements to have it. This is especially so if you intend to use the procedure to minimise the effects of hair loss. The supplies that the doctor is going to use in the SMP procedure will go into the general cost of performing an SMP procedure. Supplies include permanent markup solutions, aesthetics, tools, and gloves. 
Our staff that performed the SMP procedure at the end of it will also influence the cost of SMP. The provider and the location where the procedure will also affect how much you will pay for the SMP procedure. This will depend on how easy it is to access the required resources. If the scalp micropigmentation procedure is meant to fill in a larger scalp area, it will cost more than a 30-minute session that is to be done twice. This means that it will need three one to two-hour sessions to fill in a larger scalp area. 

Scalp Micropigmentation Cost by Type or Concern Area

AREA                                                              COST

Scar Coverup                                            $1,900 to $2,500

Mild Balding                                              $3,900 to $4,300

Severe Balding                                         $4,500 to $5,000

Touch Ups                                                 $350 to $1,000

Adding Density                                          $2,500 to $3,500

Hairline                                                      $2,500 to $3,000

Does Health Insurance Cover The Cost Of Scalp Micropigmentation?

You need to understand that health care insurance providers hardly cover the cost of having a scalp micropigmentation procedure. Below is a detailed explanation of why insurance doesn’t cover the SMP procedure:

  • Cosmetic Surgery – An SMP procedure is cosmetic. This means that it is meant to improve appearance and self-esteem by reshaping normal structures of the body. 
  • Reconstructive Surgery – This means that the procedure is meant to alternate abnormal body structures that came as a result of developmental abnormalities, congenital defects, trauma, disease, tumours, or infections.

Based on the condition, many insurance providers can choose to cover reconstructive surgeries. If the SMP procedure is performed for cosmetic purposes, most insurers will not cover it. An SMP hair transplant procedure is not a surgical procedure. It is unlikely that any health insurance provider will decide to cover the scalp micropigmentation procedure simply because it does not necessitate any medical treatment, regardless of the fact that hair loss is sometimes caused by a medical condition. 

What Is The Average Scalp Micropigmentation Cost?

The SMP hair loss procedure does not require surgery to perform. This means that it is going to cost less than other hair restoration procedures that require surgery. The procedure is not done to regrow lost hair but rather to create an impression of thick, denser hair that is distributed evenly. What makes the best scalp micropigmentation awesome is that it does not require hair follicles to produce reliable results. Other procedures require existing hair follicles in order to produce good results. 
So, how much is scalp micropigmentation? The cost of having an SMP procedure may range from $350 - $3,500, although the average cost is $500. The treatment area is one of the major factors that determine SMP cost. The scalp micropigmentation procedure is an ideal option for individuals who have short, cropped-up, and dark hair. It is also a suitable choice if you are looking for a non-surgical procedure for hair restoration. It also produces the best results when treating people who are suffering from female pattern baldness, male pattern baldness, alopecia, and mild thinning hair. The SMP procedure is also an ideal procedure if you want to hide a linear scar after a FUT hair transplant surgery. 

The Takeaway

A scalp micropigmentation procedure offers the best solution for improving one’s head and facial appearance. It will help you to improve your facial and head appearance. You can undergo the SMP procedure to improve your hair density if you have a full-blown hair loss condition. The scalp micropigmentation cost in Palm Desert is a more affordable hair restoration treatment. The scalp micropigmentation procedure caters to all kinds of hair loss conditions, regardless of whether it happened naturally or due to physical trauma. The Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert offers top-notch hair restoration services to all the clients coming from Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, and La Quinta. Our skilled surgeons and staff will guide you through the process of getting a hair transplant effectively and safely. 

For any questions regarding our scalp micropigmentation procedure, you can contact us at 760.501.0080 or Schedule an Appointment

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