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Posted on : March 31, 2023 | Category : Beard Transplant | Author: John Kahen

We acknowledge that the beard is a sign of masculinity for most guys. Men who lose their hair also lose their sense of manhood. That is why most men with beardless facial hair or hair loss problems choose beard transplants. But how much do beard transplants cost? We will describe how much a beard transplant in Palm Desert will cost.

How Much Do Beard Transplants Cost in Palm Desert?

In Palm Desert, a beard transplant would set you back about $5,756. Depending on a few parameters, beard transplant expenses range from $1,400 to $14,192. You should call the clinic ahead of time to check their prices. It is critical to be aware of factors that may affect the cost of a beard transplant.

Six Factors Affecting the beard Transplant Cost

The six factors in this section help answer the question of how much a beard transplant costs in Palm Desert. 

1. The Number of Grafts Requirement

As baldness levels rise, the number of grafts needed to complete a transplantation surgery increases. Patient care and desired aesthetics determine it. These variables determine the total number of grafts required for the transplant, which is influenced by the density with which you want to cover baldness. It's common practice for Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert to charge clients by the graft. Of course, you will have to pay more if you need a lot more grafts than if you only need a few. The cost of your operation increases if you need more transplants.

2. Surgeon Qualification

You may have observed that the costs of seeing a licensed or certified doctor are more than usual. Surgeons with advanced training and certification typically charge more than less proficient surgeons. In the same way, the beard transplant Los Angeles cost will depend on how qualified the surgeon is.

3. Doctor's Experience 

Surgeons with experience in beard hair transplantation unquestionably possess advanced surgical abilities and knowledge. Excellent surgeons who perform cutting-edge procedures in state-of-the-art facilities for beard transplantation charge expensive costs. Therefore, the outcomes achieved by skilled surgeons cannot be contrasted with those accomplished by less experienced surgeons.

It should be underlined that the Palm Desert beard transplant surgeon at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration examines each patient individually and can only estimate the cost after carefully reviewing the problem region. A medical beard transplant, as well as several drugs, may be recommended by a doctor. The patient must take the medicines exactly as directed to get optimum outcomes.

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4. Clinic Location 

You might be aware that different parts of the world have different living costs. The clinic's location also influences the cost of hair transplantation. No matter where it is, the clinic also has standard services, a friendly ambiance, beautiful interiors, a team that does beard transplants, and many other features.

Visit Beverly Hills Hair Restoration to learn how much for a beard transplant in Palm Desert will cost—this most incredible Clinic to help you find skilled doctors who employ cutting-edge technology.

5. Number of Sessions Needed

The answer to how much beard transplants cost will be complete by factoring in the number of sessions needed for beard transplants. The majority of beard transplants are finished in one session. It takes 5-8 hours to do this. Patients in other situations need multiple transplants. Having said that, 3000–4000 grafts are typically transplanted throughout each session. Patients are needed to return to the clinic for the following session, which is often the next day if this number reaches 5,000 or higher.

6. Best Client Consultation Experience

When you visit Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert, the first thing you'll do is have a consultation. You'll meet the best, most considerate, and friendliest hair treatment consultants here. During the appointment, you'll receive information on the many aspects of beard transplantation, including the process and treatment options. Consult the surgeon at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert for a precise estimate of the cost of a beard transplant so they can take all relevant factors into account.

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert Is a Reputable Hair Clinic

To give the illusion of a full beard, hair follicles from the back of the scalp are removed and inserted into the mustache, beard, and sideburns. Many individuals don't need touch-ups because the operation is thought to be permanent (the transplanted hair will grow like a regular beard). As we all know, when a teenager's beard begins to grow, people adore it. Some young males are unable to develop a beard during their youth. So, for such men, a beard transplant in the Palm Desert is their best choice.

The best beard hair transplant is available at a fair price at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert. Dr. John Kahen, our expert hair transplant surgeon, has been performing hair transplants in Palm Desert for over 15 years. He founded Beverly Hills Hair Restoration and is regarded as one of Palm Desert's most accomplished hair transplant doctors. Also, he has carried out over 6000 active procedures, including SmartPRP® (Platelet-Rich Plasma Hair Restoration), smart graft, and hair transplants.

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Why Get a Beard Transplant in BHHR in Palm Desert?

Get beard hair transplant treatment from our specialist doctor and feel confident and respected.

  • We are committed to offering a novel, patient-friendly, and risk-free beard transplant procedure. We look into the underlying causes of hair loss. Next, devise a solution for a better result.
  • All of our patients who come to see us are guaranteed a successful outcome since we use cutting-edge hair restoration techniques.
  • Every man aspires to have a beard that can be styled differently. We ensure you maintain your sense of fashion and are enthusiastic when meeting new people.
  • The best thing about our service is that we don't sacrifice treatment quality to keep costs down.
  • We ensure you receive skilled and goal-oriented care at our state-of-the-art facility.

Make an appointment with Dr. John Kahen if you have severe beard hair thinning to have the most affordable hair restoration procedure.


Males can easily and permanently attain their beard goals using beard transplants. To lower the cost of a beard hair transplant, consider all the above factors before deciding. We also serve the hair restoration needs of clients throughout Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, and La Quinta. Yet, we believe all the factors mentioned earlier and provide you with surgery at a fair price at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert. Have an appointment or contact one of our experts to learn how much do beard transplants cost at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert.

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