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Posted on : October 19, 2022 | Category : Beard Transplant | Author: John Kahen

Did you know that growing your beard can improve your appearance, boost your confidence, and make you look and feel older and more manly? Even among men in Palm Desert, only some are blessed with the ability to grow a full beard without assistance. Fortunately, the Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert has beard restoration experts who can perform the necessary beard hair transplant surgery and help you grow a beard. But the big question is, how long does a beard transplant recovery take?

Beard Transplant Healing Day By Day

Although the time it takes to recover from a beard transplant varies from person to person, some standard benchmarks are usually achieved at about the same time. The quality of care provided after surgery directly affects how well the operation goes. 

In addition, patients will have post-op care that includes many tasks and clinic visits. Here's a rough timeline of what to expect during various points in the healing process:

Healing Phase 1: Immediately After Surgery 

To aid in healing and prevent infection, your doctor will apply or recommend that you use an antibiotic ointment for the donor area. Please keep your hands away from your face and ensure they don't get wet. 

Furthermore, you need to get some shut-eye right after the procedure to let your body recover. Depending on the severity of the pain or discomfort, some medications may help with beard transplant recovery.

Healing Phase 2: The First Few Days

You may begin to feel better after the first few days. But you may experience some itching in your beard region. And you may find that tiny crusts are accumulating around the newly implanted hairs. 

A recuperative process is underway, as evidenced by this. You should take it easy and avoid getting your face wet while it is healing. Also, avoid strenuous activities or anything that could cause you to sweat, such as bending or lifting heavy objects.

Healing Phase 3: The First Two Weeks 

After the first five days following surgery, you can gently wash your face with soap and water. Use warm (not hot) water, and be careful not to overdo it. Don't rub the grafts; pat the skin dry to speed up the beard transplant recovery process. 

The before and after beard transplant outcomes will start manifesting here. When the seven days are up, the crusting should be gone entirely. After ten days, you can shave again. If you have a linear scar from a FUT procedure, your stitches will be removed.

Healing Phase 4: Waiting For Results 

Hair loss from a hair transplant usually begins around the two-week mark, but you shouldn't be alarmed because it's completely natural. In response to the shock, the follicles will enter a state of dormancy. 

Now all you can do is wait. You'll need patience as the transplanted hair follicles take some time to produce new hair. How, then, can you hasten the expansion of your facial hair following beard transplantation?

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Growing Your Hair Back After Beard Transplant 

To extract the grafts for the beard transplants, the recipient must first have their head shaved, entirely or partially. In most cases, extraction is more straightforward and effective if the patient shaved before the procedure.

Shaving your head is probably a small price to pay if you're looking to boost your self-esteem. Your beard transplant is an investment in yourself; the return will be a full, healthy beard.

New Beard Growth: What Can You Expect? 

Initial hair loss after hair grafting may shock some, but this shouldn't worry you. Although waiting for the results of a beard transplant can be a trying experience in its own right, you can rest assured that once hair begins to regrow in the beard area, it should continue to do so permanently.

After a few months, a new beard begins to grow for most beard transplant patients. You should notice significant growth from six months to within a year.

You'll be free to style it however you like as soon as your beard transplant begins to heal. Even if the scalp hair is a slightly different color and texture, the results should be near-natural.

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Why Choose Dr. John Kahen For A Beard Transplant?

The effectiveness of a beard transplant surgery rests heavily on the talent, artistry, and experience of the hair restoration surgeon performing the process. If you find a reliable professional in the field of hair restoration, you'll experience tremendous success. So, Dr. John Kahen is your man if you need a beard transplant near me and want to work with a seasoned expert.

Dr. John Kahen of the Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert is a renowned and exceptionally adapt hair restoration surgeon. With his aesthetic sensibilities and medical expertise, he can successfully undertake hair restoration treatments, including beard transplants. Moreover, Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert is here to serve the hair transplant needs of all our clients from Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, and La Quinta.

Wrap Up

Men in or near Palm Desert need not worry about the difficulty of obtaining a beard transplant thanks to the convenient location of the Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert. Modern beard transplant surgery allows for filling bald spots and complete regrowth. Your beard transplant recovery time will be effective, quick, and less noticeable if you work with Dr. Kahen. Since our beard transplant treatment only needs to be performed once, it offers significant savings over the long run. Please discuss with us beard transplant surgery to achieve the results you badly want!. You can call or contact us with any queries regarding the beard transplant. We are here to solve your questions.

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