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Posted on : March 24, 2023 | Category : Hair Transplant | Author: John Kahen

It can be embarrassing to lose your hair, especially when you're young. Hair loss might affect how you look and how confident you are. Studies show that about 40% of women and 70% of men experience some hair loss. It is usually difficult to restore without expert help.

The hair restoration treatment market leader is BHHR. The BHHR, based in Palm Desert, California, offers a wide range of cutting-edge surgical and non-surgical procedures to patients experiencing all types of hair loss. Platelet-rich plasma is used in this cutting-edge hair restoration technology to revive hair follicles. 

Dr. John Kahen, who founded Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, asserts that many people losing their hair think they are stuck with it. But also says there have been significant changes in hair restoration that give many people new hope. To treat hair loss, our unmatched hair restoration innovation, SmartPRP®, uses platelet-rich plasma-derived stem cell technology to produce natural and individualized results.

BHHR has the skills and knowledge to give you the hair treatment results you want. Therefore, we will undoubtedly help you whether you have inherited baldness or hair thinning due to illness or old age. We're one of Los Angeles' top hair restoration clinics, which explains why.

5 Reasons to Visit Palm Desert for Hair Transplant

Like cosmetic procedures for the face, hair transplants are growing in popularity today. Hair restoration is a popular cosmetic option for both men and women. People mainly use this service to treat genetically predisposed and other causes of hair loss. However, you should speak with a specialist if you are considering having your hair transplanted.

In Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert office, quality and accuracy are crucial to the company's success. Our expert staff has years of experience and uses that experience precisely to give you the skin-to-skin results you want. Ultimately, we want to be in peak physical condition in the simplest way possible. Therefore, if you want to learn everything there is to know about reaching your aesthetic goals, you should begin by reading the section below.

1. Affordable Hair Transplant Services

The cost of a hair transplant service is much lower now than ever. A specialized facility can produce extensive sessions of follicular units for less money for a hair transplant. As a result, patients benefit from improved outcomes and enhanced density at a cheaper cost.

Following an initial meeting, a thorough estimate is produced. Despite the sophisticated and high-level skill required for the treatment, our patients discover that the price is manageable. The cost of the procedure is often the same.

BHHR is less expensive than a hair transplant Palm Springs. We charge per graft rather than per hair. Our team separates the grafts and preserves the follicles using only the most sophisticated, potent microscopes and operating lenses, resulting in the most realistic-looking hair.

Per graft, a strip operation costs between $4 and $8.

The price per graft for a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure ranges from $8 to $10.

A high-end, personalized hair replacement system typically costs $1,200 and requires annual updating. Every 5 to 6 weeks, a hair replacement system needs to be maintained and reattached, which costs about $75 per visit or $675 annually. Therefore, professional hair replacement systems will cost approximately $28,125.00 to buy and maintain over 15 years. It is much more expensive than the average surgical hair restoration procedure.

After you pay $1,200 and $675 for maintenance, the total cost over 15 years is $28,125.

We have various third-party financing options, such as loans with no interest from CareCredit and LendingClub. We are experts at cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation, making the procedure quick and painless.

BHHR, which is only 30 minutes from Palm Springs, also has a fly-in program for people who might be coming from another state or country for the procedure.

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2. Dr. Kahen Developed the SmartPRP® Technique

Several high-tech procedures are used today. The fact is hair restoration has advanced significantly. This accelerates healing and improves the outcome. As more people become conscious of the advantages of hair restoration, more choose to proceed. Dr. John Kahen has developed a patented non-invasive technique for treating balding or thinning hair. His hair restoration technique strengthens microscopic hairs and promotes the growth of new follicles by utilizing the body's natural tissue regeneration process. This technique is called the SmartPRP® method. Both males and females can use the SmartPRP® method. If you need PRP hair transplant Palm Springs, contact Dr. Kahen.

The development of robust, healthy, and attractive hair follicles is encouraged by Dr. Kahen's SmartPRP. The 30-minute smart PRP procedure can be done independently or with a full-day transplant surgery. Because Smart PRP® is a non-invasive procedure, patients can typically resume their jobs the following day. Did you know that SmartPRP is used in the majority, if not all, of Beverly Hills Hair Restoration hair transplants?

Dr. Kahen is currently taking on new patients and is well-known for the effectiveness of the SmartPRP technique. To achieve perfect hair restoration results, he created his SmartPRP treatment by injecting a special PRP compound into the scalp during a hair transplant. Dr. Kahen, an award-winning hair transplant specialist, says he treats each of his patients like family and only makes recommendations like those he would give to someone close to him.

3. Dr. Kahen Has Successfully Revived Nearly 20 Million Follicles

The best hair transplant surgeon in the entire world is Dr. John Kahen, our Chief Surgeon & Hair Transplant Expert in Palm Desert, California. His extensive services include female pattern baldness treatment, hairline reduction, facial hair transplants, brow transplants, and textured transplants. All procedures, including FUE and SmartPRP® hair restoration, are carried out by Dr. Kahen. 

He has implanted over 20 million follicles during thousands of hair transplant procedures. His personalized treatment plan emphasizes good internal health, with hair as the main priority.

"Those who experience hair loss or frequently thinning experience self-consciousness, which over time can hurt one's self-esteem," says Dr. Kahen. "I've seen time and time again how restoring a patient's hair may give them a boost of self-esteem."

Dr. Kahen is a well-known Plastic surgeon in the industry. He is the "Aesthetic Award" winner and has a reputation as one of the world's most sought-after hair restoration surgeons. Indeed, his hair transplant service contributions have transformed many people's lives.

4. Famous People Trust Dr. Kahen for Hair Transplants

Because he can perform procedures to treat hair loss with minimal assistance from his staff, Dr. Kahen is a unique breed of hair transplant surgeon. Patients he's operated on include doctors, dignitaries, celebrities, and executives from Fortune 500 companies. Dr. Kahen says a patient's satisfaction directly correlates to the surgeon's proficiency and experience.

BHHR gets good results because it has a lot of experience, while other hair loss clinics that only use FUE technology to do procedures rarely get natural results because they need to know what they're doing. The medical staff who work for Dr. John Kahen are well-trained experts with more than 40 years of combined experience in hair restoration.

Doctors specializing in hair transplantation use cutting-edge imaging microscopes to do meaningful work at our hair care center. They also help ensure good quality and prepare grafts for transplantation. Doctors count, double-check, and write down each grafted hair they transplant to ensure it meets the standards. Come in today for a consultation if you want to learn more about how we can help restore full heads of hair that look healthy.

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5. Award-Winning Results

The outcome of a hair transplant is very significant. Patients will notice results that set our clinic apart from hair restoration services at Palm Springs not even six months after their hair transplant. We take pride in providing our patients with hair transplants that are barely noticeable and minimally invasive. Patients receive a full, natural-looking head of hair as if they had never had a hair transplant, thanks to the unmatched results at BHHR.

We are acknowledged as the best hair restoration clinic in California. Our outstanding outcomes have been featured on illustrious television networks like CNN, the BBC, and E! Entertainment News. The treatments provided by BHHR restore a natural hairline and proper follicle alignment. 

Dr. John Kahen and his medical team treat each patient carefully and precisely for the best results. After a brief period of simple healing, natural hair will regrow. After any hair transplant, the patient can go home because the donor area will heal without leaving a visible scar.

Putting patients at ease before, during, and after treatments is a top priority. Together with our highly qualified staff, our doctors personalize each patient's care to suit their preferences. Dr. Kahen is committed to offering thorough online consultations even if you cannot travel from Palm Springs. 

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Our highly qualified and certified professionals are prepared to assist you in achieving your objectives. We offer a variety of hair restoration procedures to accommodate your specific needs and desires. Remember that Hair Transplants in Palm Desert are superior to those in Palm Springs. Contact us today, and we'll assist you in obtaining the necessary hair transplant.

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