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Posted on : January 14, 2023 | Category : Hairline Lowering | Author: John Kahen

Do you want to shorten or shorten your brow? Consider having your hairline lowered surgically. Hairline reduction surgery can also help balance your face's proportions. Continue reading to learn more about hairline lowering surgery, including the procedure, recovery time, and how to locate a cosmetic surgeon in your area.

What Is Hairline Lowering Surgery?

Hairline lowering surgery is a surgical cosmetic procedure that can help reduce the height and length of your forehead. The process entails having your hairline moved lower on your forehead and then pushed forward onto your scalp. 

In most cases, patients who undergo surgery to have their hairlines lowered report a satisfying outcome. The surgical reduction of the hairline has numerous advantages. It can assist you in creating a facial and hairstyle that is aesthetically pleasing. 

Patients who undergo hairline reduction surgery experience better and faster results than those who opt for hair restoration. Hairline-lowering surgery has the same potential for success as hair transplantation, but the resulting hair density is much higher.

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What Happens During a Hairline Reduction Procedure?

Most of the time, hairline-reducing surgery near me is performed on an unconscious patient. A local anesthetic is applied to the patient's forehead to alleviate discomfort and stop further bleeding. Our surgeon will perform the following procedures during the operation:

  1. The incision in the forehead and the new hairline are marked with a surgical skin marker. Extreme caution must be exercised when cutting close to the hairline to avoid damaging the hair follicles or the nerves that control their growth.
  2. The entire forehead is numbed with a local anesthetic from the hairline to the area above the brows.
  3. Markings are made on the forehead and hairline, and a cut is made along those lines (also called the pretrial incision). To remove the marked area, the surgeon will carefully peel back the skin to expose the connective tissue below.
  4. It begins with a cut along the top of the head and continues down the forehead. As a result, the forehead is slimmed down, and the space is filled.
  5. Scarring is kept to a minimum by meticulously sewing the skin back together. The hairline will eventually grow back and conceal the scar almost entirely.

Remember that even though eyebrows may appear to be raised after hairline-lowering surgery, this is not the case. Concurrent brow lifts and hairline reduction procedures are possible if desired.


The average patient only needs a few hours to recover from surgery. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled in a week and a half to remove the sutures. Furthermore, you'll need to return for follow-up appointments and observation between two and four weeks after surgery.

Any surgical procedure involving cuts necessitates careful attention to wound hygiene and proper healing.

Constant vigilance for incision site infection is essential. In addition, our doctor will provide you with post-op care instructions for your incision to ensure you recover quickly from surgery with minimal pain, swelling, and infection.

Who Are Good Candidates for Hairline lowering?

Women and men who don't have a genetic predisposition to baldness and who want to achieve a more youthful and symmetrical appearance often opt for hairline-lowering surgery. A high forehead, a pliable scalp, and no signs of hair loss are all prerequisites for the procedure to be successful. The results of a hair extension procedure depend directly on the laxity of the scalp. The scalp must be very pliable for the patient to experience a satisfying degree of lowering. It may be necessary to stretch the scalp if the tissue is too stiff to perform the surgery. Likewise, they likely wish to alter the proportions of their faces.

1. Women

Many patients who seek out hairline-lowering surgery are women, as a high hairline is significant for women. To achieve the desired result of decreasing the distance between the brow and the hairline, hairline-lowering procedures are frequently combined with brow lifting or reshaping a prominent forehead bone. 

This synergy helps keep a youthful appearance by repositioning the eyebrows to minimize the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead. Lines between the brows, which form when a person frowns vertically, can also be smoothed out this way.

2. Transgender

Transgender individuals often choose this procedure so that their hairline will be lower and more feminine. The brow bone may be lowered as part of this procedure to aid in gender transition. The surgeon will shave down the orbital bone underneath the brow and close to the upper part of the eye socket. 

All of these reducing hairline methods can be accomplished with the same incision. When used together, they can drastically reduce the appearance of a broad forehead. The benefits ought to endure forever. That's because the hairline shouldn't budge once it's been fixed in its new location.

What Is the Cost of Hairline Lowering Surgery?

While hairline reduction may be more expensive, the benefits are worth the investment. You'll need to spend more money to achieve your goals. From $5,000 to $20,000 is typical, depending on the surgeon's experience and the number of hair follicles extracted. Before deciding on a hairline falling transplant, we recommend you look at our before and after pictures. Since insurance companies usually don’t pay for what is considered a cosmetic procedure, you can arrange financing through our office. See us at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert if you are experiencing hair loss, including a receding hairline. 

Optional Treatments for a Lower Hairline Instead of Surgical Intervention

If you are not a good candidate for hairline-lowering surgery, there may be other options:

1. Brow lift

A brow lift may be preferable to hairline-lowering surgery if you have a longer-than-desired forehead due to your low brows. Lifting the eyebrows may involve surgically repositioning the skin or muscles around the brow. If you raise your eyebrows, your forehead will appear less comprehensive.

2. Hair grafting

Hair grafting is another option if your high hairline makes your forehead look longer. Also, it can help make the forehead look more petite. The follicles are removed from the patient's scalp and transplanted to the frontal hairline.

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Find a Skilled and Experienced Hair Transplant Surgeon.

Lowering the hairline is generally secure. However, as with any operation, complications like

  • Numbness
  • Bruising 
  • Bleeding
  • Discomfort
  • Scarring,
  • Asymmetry,
  • Swelling,
  • Infection

If you want to lower your hairline safely and effectively, it's essential to find a surgeon with a solid reputation in the field.

Procedures to reduce the hairline are typically straightforward, safe, and quick to heal. If you're on the fence, keep in mind that most people are pleased with the results and that they tend to be noticeable, permanent, and instant.

Make sure the surgeon you're considering for hairline reduction surgery is experienced in all the methods you're considering.

Keep in mind that the success of your procedure is directly tied to your technical expertise. The doctor's work should be seen. A skilled surgeon should be able to show you many before and after photos of very similar patients.

If you're in the Los Angeles area and thinking about getting a hair transplant, you should talk to Dr.John Kahen. He is one of the best reconstructive surgeons in the area, thanks to his wealth of experience and technical skills. Dr. Kahen is highly regarded in the medical community for his skill and dedication to his patients. And you should discuss with him your hairline-lowering procedure.


A hairline-lowering surgery can help make your forehead smaller or shorter. If your hairline or other facial features cause your forehead to be huge concerning the rest of your face, you may be a good candidate for this procedure. We at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration in Palm Desert are happy to serve all our clients from Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, and La Quinta for all their hair transplant needs. Consult with our doctors about the effectiveness of our hairline-reducing surgery near me and their alternatives. To make an appointment, please visit or call us right away.

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